All of Dewey’s designs are available as digital mixed media originals. She composes her art in photoshop and “floats” it on a pane of quarter-inch acrylic. Then she applies the acrylic to a 1-5/8″ artist’s cradle. The final piece is 2″ thick and comes with wall pads and a hanger hook.

This slideshow illustrates Dewey’s float technique. The image hovers on the acrylic. Notice the slight shadow the artwork creates on the hand-painted artist’s cradle panel beneath it. Her pieces are available in these sizes:

6″ x 6″
12″ x 12″

These pieces are available in the Mixed Media and Prints section.



Dewey’s gallery pieces are built using the same “float” technique, however, the artwork is inset into a 1″, black, ash shadowbox frame and covered with another pane of .25″ acrylic.

These pieces are only sold in galleries and festivals and they’re available in these sizes (custom sizes also available):
18″ x 18″
32″ x 32″
36″ x 36″

Stay tuned for a listing of galleries representing Dewey’s work. If you are associated with a gallery and wish to represent Dewey, please contact her using the contact form at the bottom of her biography section. Thank you!